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Threat visibility lets Busan Bank respond to the worst first

Founded in 1967 and headquartered in Busan, South Korea, Busan Bank today employs 3,398 people and operates 260 branches in South Korea.

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RSA NetWitness® Platform
RSA Archer® Suite

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To manage cyber risk effectively, Busan Bank needed the ability to quickly identify incidents and prioritize responses.

  • The bank lacked  integration to leverage all available data needed to identify cyber incidents.
  • There was also no way to easily understand which affected systems were most critical, making it difficult to determine which threats to respond to first.


The bank integrated RSA threat defense with RSA IT and security risk management capabilities to gain visibility into threats and get insights into the impact of an affected system’s criticality.

  • RSA NetWitness Logs and RSA NetWitness Network provide real-time visibility into log event data and network traffic to identify threats.
  • RSA Archer IT & Security Risk Management enables the bank to catalog IT assets and identify which are most critical. That information can then be used to prioritize incident responses.


With greater visibility into log data and network traffic from RSA NetWitness Platform, security analysts are able to identify threats that might otherwise go undetected. Combined with visibility into the nature and criticality of bank systems that RSA Archer Suite provides, they can quickly identify which systems are the most critical to the bank’s operations and initiate a priority response when those come under attack.

Together, RSA NetWitness Platform and RSA Archer IT & Security Risk Management deliver much greater visibility into security risks across the bank.

Sunghun Woo
Security Strategy Manager

Busan Bank