For New Customers to RSA SecurID: Free MFA Offering from RSA SecurID® Access

Current customers can take advantage of our Business Continuity Offer and MFA Promotion

From cyberattacks to natural disasters to outbreaks of illness, business disruptions come in all forms. It’s why RSA is offering new customers the ability to securely extend the convenience of working remotely to their employees. For a limited time, you can get mobile multi-factor authentication (MFA) from RSA SecurID Access for free. You can now leverage push notification, biometric and one-time password authenticators to secure access to your cloud applications, on-premises systems, legacy systems, privileged accounts and more at no cost for 6 months.

RSA is in the business of offering peace of mind with its security solutions to help businesses move forward in times of business disruption. RSA is here to support you through it.

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*For this promotion, new customers of RSA SecurID® Access who participate will receive 6 month subscription licenses to RSA SecurID Access Base Edition and RSA’s next-gen mobile multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution at no charge. Promotional licenses will be provided without any obligation on you or your organization to purchase any future product or service from RSA. If you choose to accept promotional licenses, or any other free items provided by RSA, RSA recommends that you consult your legal and/or ethics office to ensure compliance with your company’s rules or policies on ethics. If you have any questions please contact your RSA sales representative. This offer is valid until January 29, 2021.