Inside the Response to a Unique Carbanak Attack

The RSA Global Incident Response team will share a real-world, technical case study demonstrating how it used RSA NetWitness® Platform to contain and remediate a sophisticated attack perpetrated by the threat actor group Carbanak (also known as FIN7). You’ll come away with proven methods for threat hunting and incident response, as well as an in-depth understanding of how Carbanak intrusions tend to take place, so that you know what to look for in your own environment.

Title: Inside the Response to a Unique Carbanak Attack
Type: On-Demand
Date: 20 Feb 2018
Duration: 1 hr

Wes Riley

Wes Riley

Incident Response Consultant

Carbanak/Fin7 Syndicate

Carbanak/Fin7 Syndicate

The criminal gangs of the Carbanak/FIN7 syndicate have been attributed to numerous intrusions in the banking, hospitality, retail and other industrial verticals, collecting financial information of all kinds. Read this whitepaper for a historical overview of this evolving threat.

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Anatomy of an Attack: Carbanak

RSA Incident Response and Discovery Practice (RSA IR) analysts spend a significant amount of time engaged in the research, hunting, and effective response of advanced and persistent actors. A customer engagement early-to-mid-2017 is an excellent example of an unique case in which RSA IR successfully responded to an intrusion perpetrated by the threat actor group CARBANAK, also known as FIN7.

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