O&A as part of an Evolved SIEM

Do you find yourself thinking “I don’t have time for all of these alerts? It just takes me too much time to collect the data per incident?” Or  “Why are my tier 3 analysts dealing with so many manual tasks instead of hunting?” Join RSA to learn about how Security Automation and Orchestration can help reduce alert fatigue, make your SOC team more efficient, and better leverage existing security investments than “just” adding new tools.

Title: O&A as part of an Evolved SIEM
Type: On-Demand
Date: 23 Oct 2018
Duration: 1 hr

Maor Franco

Maor Franco

Technical Product Marketer
RSA NetWitness Platform

Security Automation and Orchestration

RSA NetWitness Orchestrator is a comprehensive security automation and orchestration solution designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your security operations center.

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