Money Mule Operations in the Dark Web

Money mules are a common fraud-as-a-service offering in the Dark Web and absolutely critical in enabling the cash out process.  Whether in the form of humans or accounts, mules are one of the most difficult parts of the fraud supply chain to detect.  Get an inside look at how fraudsters are running money mule businesses in the Dark Web and how RSA proactively seeks this intelligence on behalf of our customers.

Title: Money Mule Operations in the Dark Web
Type: On-Demand
Date: 09 Nov 2016
Duration: 30 min


Danielle Kreinin

Senior Fraud Intelligence Analyst


White Paper

Hiding in Plain Sight: The Growth of Cybercrime in Social Media, Part 1

This white paper is Part 1 in a series and presents the results of our research into the phenomenon of cybercrime in social media which uncovered hundreds of groups across multiple geographic regions.

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