Fraud-as-a-Service Websites

From cashout and account takeover services to digital currency exchange, fraud-as-a-service websites are offering a wide variety of cybercrime goods and services that have been traditionally thought to be reserved for underground marketplaces and forums.  Learn about the phenomenon of fraud-as-a-service websites, the reasons for their increased popularity, and the most common goods and services for sale.

Title: Fraud-as-a-Service Websites
Type: On-Demand
Date: 17 May 2017
Duration: 20 min


Danielle Kreinin

Senior Fraud Intelligence Analyst


White Paper

2018 Current State of Cybercrime

Cybercriminals are expanding their global operations, even as law enforcement authorities succeed in shutting down major dark web marketplaces. Here are four fast-growing fraud trends you need to monitor to protect your customers and your revenue in 2018.

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White Paper

Hiding in Plain Sight: The Growth of Cybercrime in Social Media, Part 1

This white paper is Part 1 in a series and presents the results of our research into the phenomenon of cybercrime in social media which uncovered hundreds of groups across multiple geographic regions.

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