Five Questions to Ask Your Consumer Authentication Provider

Technology trends, such as mobile, IoT and the open API economy, are forcing organizations to take a fresh look at how they protect their customers.  In addition, industry and regulatory drivers, such as 3D Secure 2.0 and the EU’s Payment Services Directive II (PSD2), are helping to propel the adoption of convenient consumer authentication. This webcast brings together an expert panel to discuss the five key considerations essential to designing and executing a consumer authentication strategy, what it needs to accomplish, and the role of user experience in increasing fraud protection.

Title: Five Questions to Ask Your Consumer Authentication Provider
Type: On-Demand
Date: 13 Sep 2017
Duration: 1 hr


Alan Goode

Founder & Research Director


Angel Grant

Director, Product Marketing


Tinna Hung

Director of Market Strategy


Karen Webster



Analyst Report

Key Considerations for Selecting a Consumer Authentication Vendor

As organizations embark on a search for new technologies to address their consumer authentication needs, this report provides a practical checklist of key questions to ask potential vendors.

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Five Questions to Ask Your Consumer Authentication Provider

To combat rising levels of fraud and give consumers the best experience of their online services and apps, it is critical for organizations to select the right authentication partner to meet their business goals. This infographic highlights the five key questions to ask providers about their authentication solutions.

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