Can Your SIEM Catch an Attack in the Act? A Quick Three Part Explanation

Can your SIEM detect, investigate and respond to attacks from a single platform? Can your SIEM detect threats deep in your endpoints? Discover how RSA NetWitness® Endpoint and RSA NetWitness® UEBA are now even better together. Learn what makes RSA NetWitness® Platform 11.3 the most complete SIEM on the market and find out how it can help you mitigate cyber attack risk.

To minimize the impact on your schedule, we have three 15-minute sessions with real-world examples from a RSA security architect. Choose the ones you want to attend.

Webinar 1: Leveraging User Analytics and Machine Learning
This session walks you through RSA NetWitness Platform’s sophisticated threat detection capabilities. Find out how RSA NetWitness Platform can provide you with the deepest visibility across your entire IT environment. Learn how RSA NetWitness Platform can ease burdens on your security team by helping analysts proactively hunt for and prioritize threats. 

Webinar 2: Investigate and Assess
This session focuses on the machine learning capabilities of RSA NetWitness UEBA, and how they can help you discover the advanced and targeted attacks that your signature-based tools miss. You’ll learn how RSA NetWitness UEBA uncovers unknown, abnormal and complex, evolving threats by picking up on anomalies in user behavior.

Webinar 3: Take Immediate Action
In this session, you’ll learn how RSA NetWitness Platform addresses one of the single most pressing challenges SOCs face: identifying and taking targeted action against the incidents that pose the greatest risk to your organization. You’ll also find out how RSA NetWitness® Orchestrator can improve your SOC’s incident management processes, and as a bonus, you’ll discover how RSA NetWitness Platform can drive more informed authentication decisions.

About the Speakers
Karl Klaessig, RSA NetWitness Product Marketing

Karl Klaessig, RSA NetWitness Product Marketing

Karl Klaessig is part of the RSA NetWitness Product Marketing team, focusing on evolved SIEM. Karl has worked in the threat monitoring and detection industry for over 15 years, with the majority of his security tenure focused on product marketing roles, evangelizing customer and industry awareness of product and solution leadership.

Dave Glover, Global Security Analyst

Dave Glover, Global Security Analyst

As a global security architect, Dave supports prospects and large customers of RSA NetWitness Platform. He has worked for RSA since 2002 in a variety of sales engineering positions, providing training and technical support. In addition, Dave has been a member of the Black Hat NOC’s incident response team for several years, and he’s a frequent speaker at security conferences.

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