RSA Turns the Table on Cyber Attackers

RSA® Advanced Security Operations Center Solution Engineered to Detect and Remediate Advanced Threats Faster Than Ever, Helps Customers Evolve From Hunted to Hunter


  • New RSA ® Advanced Security Operation Center Solution arms security teams with new tools to help identify undetected threats that often result in data breaches.
  • Real-time detection of emerging and targeted threats without a reliance on signatures, resulting in faster time to mitigation.
  • Enables security teams to be far more effective with current skills and resources.
  • Addresses SIEM, Network Forensics, or Endpoint detection needs, either individually or within one overall solution.

RSA GLOBAL SUMMIT, WASHINGTON, D.C., SEPTEMBER 09, 2014 - Today, RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC), introduces the RSA ® Advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) Solution, an integrated set of technologies and services designed to help organizations identify threats before a breach can occur.

As IT innovations including cloud, social, Big Data and mobile computing are helping move organizations forward; they are also creating greater opportunities for cyber attackers to bypass both legacy and contemporary security tools. Combining security information and event management, (SIEM), full packet capture network forensics and endpoint threat detection capabilities, the RSA Advanced SOC Solution is designed to help security teams quickly spot attacks that often go unnoticed by stand-alone log-centric SIEM, and traditional perimeter-based security tools, including anti-virus, firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.

Integrating technologies from RSA ® Security Analytics, RSA ® ECAT and RSA ® Archer Security Operations Management as well as training and services from the RSA ® Advanced Cyber Defense Practice, the new RSA Advanced SOC Solution delivers compliance and security requirements in one platform, empowering security teams to more effectively detect and respond to the most advanced attacks before they can impact the business.

Complete Visibility & Deep Investigation

The RSA Advanced SOC Solution is engineered to collect detailed network, system and endpoint data to help both enable timely incident detection and direct security analysts to pivot instantly from suspected compromises to deep incident forensics and understand the true nature and scope of the issue. More than 400 network and log parsers perform capture time analysis of every log and network session to identify key threat indicators and extract metadata to lead security analysts to the most important issues. Prioritized investigations and analyst workflows help maximizes resources and empower security teams to quickly detect and remediate the highest risk threats.

SIEM and Beyond

The RSA Advanced SOC Solution is designed to set a new market standard for SIEM capabilities by collecting and parsing 250+ event sources, leveraging 275+ out-of-the-box correlation rules, and approximately 100 report templates to keep up to date with current mandates. Native incident response capabilities with aggregated alerts across data sources promote fast and granular investigations. Providing visibility far beyond logs, the RSA Advanced SOC Solution also is engineered to correlate network packets, NetFlow, and endpoint data to provide visibility far beyond stand-alone SIEM, helping to eliminate blind spots and assisting in faster remediation of threats while meeting compliance requirements.

Real-time Endpoint Threat Detection

The addition of RSA® ECAT provides security teams with the ability to expose malware and other threats that have gone undiscovered by traditional anti-virus technologies. The new solution is engineered to quickly investigate and analyze suspicious endpoint activity and easily determines how widely any malware detected has spread through the enterprise. Detection happens automatically, in real-time and without the use of signatures.

Modular Architecture

The RSA Advanced SOC Solution is designed to allow scalable growth based on customers' current needs and resources while also helping them create a platform to address future requirements. Whether implementing the full solution or looking to augment existing tools, the solution is engineered to help organizations immediately advance their current security practices to combat even the most advanced threats.


Bob Cheong, Chief Information Security Officer, Los Angeles World Airports

" The RSA Security Operations Solution offers a powerful combination of forensic analysis and endpoint malware detection that provides my team with strong visibility, deep-dive analysis and improved detection so we can quickly respond to external and insider threats before they can damage our business. By having these tools in our arsenal we more thoroughly understand our security posture, which gives us the added confidence to implement new IT innovations to help the business better serve our customers."


Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, ESG

"Many organizations are struggling to balance security and business risk with new technology demands. As next-generation technologies like cloud and mobile evolve into the norm, security tools and defensive techniques must keep pace protecting from the expanded risks. Solutions that provide a more detailed view into what is happening on the network and also help prioritize security events can give organizations a significant time advantage to remediate the most pressing issues quickly."


Amit Yoran, Senior Vice President, RSA, The Security Division of EMC

"For years there has been a call for a fundamental shift in how we approach security, but to date the industry has returned incomplete answers. SIEM technologies help meet compliance requirements and offer a basic detection levels – but only for logs. Next-generation firewalls and malware detection tools provide greater visibility, but often without the analytics and incident response needed to turn raw data into actionable intelligence. Today, RSA is delivering on the promise of next-generation security with a complete solution in one platform to address compliance and security needs. In the end, we are helping organizations evolve from being the hunted to being the hunter within their own networks and digital infrastructures."



RSA Advanced Security Operations Center Solution will be generally available in Q3 2014.


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