RSA Enables New Generation of Managed Security Services to Help Enterprises Better Detect and Respond to Advanced Threats

Verizon Among Key RSA Partners to Deliver Advanced Threat Analytics to Enterprises


  • Enterprise customers of all sizes will soon be able to benefit from the latest capabilities in advanced cyber defenses such as Big Data security analytics, critical incident response and vulnerability management as fully managed security services thanks to a new RSA partner program, anchored by global MSSP Verizon Enterprise Solutions.
  • The RSA Managed Security Program is designed to enable a new generation of managed security services to leverage intelligence-driven security solutions including RSA® Security Analytics.
  • These new services tap into RSA’s advanced, intelligence-driven Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities for enterprises to accelerate the detection, investigation, remediation, and management of security incidents and vulnerabilities.
  • RSA has signed Verizon Enterprise Solutions as its marquee global partner. In addition, RSA has signed three additional MSP partners, including Foreground Security, DataShield Consulting and Communication Valley Reply.

RSA CONFERENCE 2014 – SAN FRANCISCO, FEBRUARY 24, 2014 - RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC), today announced a new program designed to enable a new generation of managed security services, leveraging intelligence-driven security solutions such as RSA Security Analytics, to help enterprises better detect and mitigate advanced threats. RSA also announced it has signed Verizon Enterprise Solutions as its marquee global services partner along with three other managed security service providers to reach enterprise customers around the world.

Cyber threats have become so invasive and damaging, and attacks so widespread that legacy perimeter- or signature-based security controls and organizations with limited or immature security capabilities are finding themselves outmatched. The challenge for security practitioners is how to combat new and advanced targeted and persistent attacks in an environment of outdated security technologies and incident management processes amid a shortage of appropriately skilled security personnel.

The RSA Managed Security Partner (MSP) program provides a technology platform and accompanying professional services and training derived from RSA's industry-leading portfolio, to enable select partners to offer fully managed security and critical incident response services to customers. It leverages RSA’s advanced, intelligence-driven Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities, making them available and accessible to enterprises of all sizes to help accelerate the detection, investigation, remediation, and management of security incidents and vulnerabilities.

According to the Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, 85 percent of compromises took hours or less. Disturbingly, in 66 percent of cases, the breach wasn’t discovered for months or even years – a nearly 20 percent jump over the previous year. Additionally, the report indicates that in 22 percent of cases, it took months to contain the breach.

RSA provides MSP program members with the ability to rapidly adopt and build services around proven advanced security operations solutions including RSA Security Analytics, the RSA® Critical Incident Response Solution, RSA® Security Operations Management solution, RSA ECAT software, and RSA® Advanced Cyber Defense Practice. Together the RSA products and services are designed to enable RSA MSP program members to deliver the following capabilities to their customers:

  • Comprehensive visibility, incorporating full network packet capture, logs, events, endpoint-sourced data, asset information, location of sensitive content, vulnerability information and other business and technical context
  • Advanced security monitoring fordetection, investigation, remediation, and management capabilities in a cost effective, off-the-shelf, modular yet integrated portfolio/solution
  • Improved threat detection and investigative value thatautomatically enriches internally collected security telemetry with external threat and custom intelligence data
  • Prioritized investigations and activity analysis based on customer or MSSP context, criticality, and the location of sensitive data
  • Advanced endpoint malware detection and cleanup on endpoints and via the network without depending on file signatures
  • Security incident management via customized advanced workflow management, notification and reporting functionality for incident management by MSSP or customer
  • Skills enhancements for MSSP analysts viaadvanced security training and certification

Other partners joining the program include: Foreground Security and DataShield Consulting in the United States and Communication Valley Reply in Europe.


Amit Yoran, Senior Vice President, RSA, The Security Division of EMC

“Good enough security isn't good enough anymore. Organizations are compromised daily through the proliferation of advanced malware and the myriad opportunities that malicious actors have to mount cyber attacks. Security strategies and managed services that rely on an antiquated understanding of perimeter controls and legacy log monitoring methods can’t provide the deep visibility or intelligence needed for enterprises to detect and deal with today's threats. RSA leads the way in defining and delivering intelligence-driven security solutions. RSA provides the market-leading capabilities for next generation visibility to the enterprise and advanced analytics-based contextual understanding through solutions that create the agility needed to manage business risk accordingly. Together with our Managed Security Partners, we're now able to make these innovative capabilities accessible to, and that level of defense achievable for, almost any enterprise."

Christina Richmond, Program Director, Infrastructure Security Services, IDC

"There's a security adage that ‘bad guys only have to be right once, while good guys need to be right every time.’ While no security is ever 'right' all the time, the attack surface has grown so wide and attackers so aggressive, organizations need to increase the ratio of right versus wrong. Once only accessible among elite organizations, security analytics capabilities like those offered by RSA have democratized and automated intelligence gathering and analysis. RSA and its managed security service partners are leading the way to make these powerful capabilities available to a broader set of customers that are struggling to defend their enterprises against sophisticated threats.”


Eddie Schwartz, Vice President, Global Security Solutions, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

“By joining forces with RSA, Verizon is able to strengthen its strategic analytics capabilities to better protect enterprises. Combined with our deep threat intelligence, world-class MSSP capabilities and the unparalleled insight we gain from our global IP network, we will be better equipped to help clients swiftly recognize and respond to complex threats.”

David Amsler, President and CIO of Foreground Security

“As a dedicated cyber security service provider and the only RSA Authorized Services Network Level 3 partner in the United States, Foreground Security is proud to now be one of the first RSA Managed Security Program partners. Organizations confronting more sophisticated cyber attacks, severe security talent shortages and other urgent challenges can benefit from the full array of Foreground and RSA’s security management expertise, tailored and supported by Foreground’s highly-experienced staff of over 100 CISSP and/or CSIRC certified experts. This new program keeps Foreground and RSA on the cutting edge of innovation, tools, capabilities, and threat intelligence and helps to change the managed security model away from reactive, signature-based security to a new intelligence- and analytics-driven model that provides actual value to our clients.”

Michael Malone, CEO, DataShield Consulting

"The evolving nature and explosive propagation of mal-weaponry that makes APT-style cyber-attacks possible cannot be defeated through conventional means. Intelligence-driven continuous monitoring of threat-based activity is required to protect the enterprise. In order to achieve the desired result, organizations must employ the required people, processes and technology to operationalize a threat-focused defense. This is where RSA and DataShield can help. RSA provides best-in-class technology and DataShield the proven processes and skilled resources to make next generation cyber defense a reality. As an RSA Managed Security Program partner, DataShield has the experience and skill sets to fill the void for organizations that are both head count and expertise constrained when attempting to detect and analyze threats. Enterprises want and need the actionable incident data to respond to adverse events that they aren't getting today with other technologies and services."

Guido Guerrieri, Executive Partner at Communication Valley Reply

"Recognising Communication Valley Reply as the first European RSA Managed Security Program partner is an important milestone that underpins our continuous investment to support clients in the adoption of the best security solutions. Our world-class Security Operations Centre helps our clients protect their corporate environment and exploit the technology to its potential, effectively responding to any cyber-attacks quickly and securely. RSA leads the way in providing great technology, while Communication Valley Reply's services will assure clients that skilled people are watching 24x7 and constantly developing solutions that help protect the cyber security of their company.”



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