New RSA Solutions To Help Bring Faster Incident Response That’s Better Aligned to Business Risk

New Software Solutions Add IT Asset Level Business Context and Advanced Incident Management to the RSA Security Analytics Platform


  • RSA announced three new software solutions designed to help Security Operations Centers (SOCs) better prioritize and manage security incidents according to their potential impact to the business.
  • RSA Advanced Incident Management for Security (AIMS) software can help add a broader incident management layer to RSA® Security Analytics to effectively track progress and engage key business stakeholders during a security incident investigation.
  • RSA Asset Criticality Intelligence (ACI) engineered to provide business context of IT assets to security teams, to prioritize response based on the business value of the asset.
  • RSA Data Discovery for Security Analytics designed to provide information risk intelligence and can identify sensitive data in complex IT environments to help determine potential severity of breaches and further prioritize incident response.

RSA CONFERENCE 2013 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA, FEBRUARY 25, 2013 - RSA, the Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC), today announced three new solutions for Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and the recently announced RSA® Security Analytics platform. The newly released RSA® Advanced Incident Management for Security (AIMS), RSA® Asset Criticality Intelligence (ACI) and RSA® Data Discovery for Security Analytics software solutions are designed to provide organizations with deep context and content awareness of IT assets to help security analysts prioritize and focus threat and incident management.

The combination of these solutions with the RSA Security Analytics platform is engineered to provide unmatched solution breadth and depth and helps enable organizations to become more proactive, targeted and effective in critical asset protection, threat detection and incident response.

Today’s IT environments are more fluid and complex than ever. Security teams are faced with a flood of alerts and indicators across hundreds or thousands of devices and massive volumes and varieties of applications and information types. To effectively defend their enterprises, security teams must be able to prioritize their efforts based on the business risk related to the potential incidents they track.

To achieve these goals security teams must not just employ better security analytics to help identify advanced threats, but also must have the tools and threat intelligence to understand which security alerts represent the highest risk to the business, and what assets require the greatest protection. It’s also critical to involve the right business stakeholders in the incident management process and provide them greater visibility into the organization’s overall security posture.

RSA’s new solutions are expressly designed to align the efforts of the security and business teams to better protect the critical assets of an organization. Built on the proven architectures of the RSA Archer® Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform and RSA® Data Loss Prevention (DLP) suite, these new solutions combine with the RSA Security Analytics platform to help next generation Security Operations Centers address multiple dimensions of advanced threats.

Along with these new solutions, RSA is also releasing the latest version of RSA Archer® Threat Management 4.0 software that is designed to prioritize security projects based on risk and threat scores by aggregating and fusing threat intelligence feeds with vulnerability scan results from multiple sources.


Amit Yoran, Senior Vice President, RSA Security Management & Compliance

“Prioritizing the security alerts that have the most potential risk to the organization is critical in ensuring maximum protection for sensitive assets and information. These new solutions are designed to provide the much needed business context and advanced workflows for security investigations that help in this prioritization process. We built these new solutions on the proven RSA Archer GRC platform, which not only makes them very functional out-of-the-box but also helps organizations already using RSA Archer technology to extract more value out of their GRC investments.”


Scott Crawford, Managing Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates

“Traditional approaches to identifying critical IT assets and prioritizing security incidents are not efficient and most times security teams and business groups remain siloed. The new solutions from RSA can help align the efforts of security and business groups in order to be more efficient and better address the security incidents and threats that have the biggest potential to impact the business.”


RSA Data Discovery for Security Analytics and RSA Archer Threat Management 4.0 software is immediately available. The RSA Asset Criticality Intelligence (ACI) and RSA Advanced Incident Management for Security (AIMS) software will be generally available in March 2013.



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