RSA Labs

RSA IoT Security Monitor

RSA IoT Security Monitor detects threats to IoT and edge devices using advanced behavior analytics and threat intelligence. The cloud service identifies anomalies and indicators of compromise and presents alerts in a modern user interface with rich data and response tools.

The Challenges
  • The proliferation of IoT devices brings digital risk to organizations.
  • IoT devices and apps vary widely in purpose, protocols and physical deployment.
  • Many IoT solutions have been implemented without oversight from cybersecurity, risk or IT groups.
  • Increasing regulation and cyber risk requires active governance and compliance management.
The Solution
  • Leverages edge computing innovations to place controls and processing capabilities close to IoT devices.
  • Scales to handle the volume and variability of IoT using cloud-based analytics and threat intelligence.
  • Breaks down walls between IoT, cybersecurity, IT and risk management functions.
  • Provides the necessary foundation for risk management and compliance activities through monitoring.
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