RSA Labs

Project Mercury

Decentralized identity holds vast potential to eliminate passwords and consolidate authentication methods. Project Mercury is a set of cloud-hosted services that enable organizations to use verifiable credentials. These services allow governments, businesses and individuals to provide proof of identity, residence, age or education, for example.

The Challenges
  • Lack of easily verified proof limits the ability to trust claims made by owners of decentralized IDs.
  • Proving claims remains cumbersome and involves photos, notaries, faxes, etc.
  • The lack of verifiable credentials infrastructure limits adoption of decentralized IDs.
  • Verifiable claims technology requires trusted providers with specialized IP and skills.
The Solution
  • Empowers users and developers to access cryptographically verifiable claims instantly.
  • Assures parties that claims are currently valid and have not been modified.
  • Promotes the adoption of decentralized identities, a major evolution of the web.
  • Delivered by the industry leader in identity and access management.
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