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Big Bang

Big Bang leverages IT management and security tools to determine which assets matter most, and why.  This insight is useful across an organization’s IT, security, and risk functions, particularly for threat analytics and resiliency planning.

The Challenges
  • Enterprises devote substantial resources to manage and secure their digital assets, but struggle to identify where to focus.
  • Shortage of qualified professionals means that every organization is required to prioritize which work will be completed.
  • A continually evolving digital footprint means that determining system importance is a moving target.
The Solution
  • Applies big data principles to provide continuous asset discovery, characterization, prioritization, monitoring and tracking.
  • Analyzes data from diverse sources to identify and characterize assets, generating insights and enabling you to efficiently prioritize activities.
  • Addresses shortage of qualified professionals by applying the limited time and effort available in the most impactful ways, even as the landscape shifts.
  • Big Bang analytic results can be consumed by IT management, Identity Management, SIEM, and Risk management platforms.
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