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RSA Charts its Future as an Independent Company

Sep 01, 2020 | by Rohit Ghai, CEO |

Today, Symphony Technology Group (STG) completed its acquisition of RSA from Dell Technologies. As an independent company, we’re now one of the world’s largest pure-play cybersecurity and risk management organizations. It’s a big change and we are excited to partner with STG to script a new chapter in the iconic story of RSA.

Amidst change, it is always important to remain grounded on what’s unchanged. 

We remain as fervent and passionate as ever before about our mission, purpose and our commitment to the success of our customers and partners. We are honored to enjoy the trust of 12,500+ customers; some of the world’s more risk-sensitive organizations around the globe – governments, banks and other critical infrastructure. We protect 50M enterprise identities, protect 2 billion consumers from fraud and our cloud offerings serve more than 2,000 customers. We remain dedicated to helping organizations manage risk in the digital era.

Digital Transformation Accelerates, Digital Risk Expands 

What has changed is the context in which we work. RSA was founded at the dawn of the commercial Internet; now, we’re becoming a privately held company at another inflection point in the cybersecurity sector. The novel coronavirus pandemic catalyzed the rate of digital transformation, moving even more of our work, lives, schools and shopping online. The pandemic forced years of digitalization to occur within months. That exacerbated existing risks – and exposed us to new ones: more people today than ever are using new devices and unsecured networks to email their colleagues or buy groceries. This rapid change and the expanding risk landscape underscores the need for organizations to comprehensively understand and address risk in the digital era. 

Reimagining RSA for a New World 

This new context is reshaping RSA as well as our customers. Over the past seven months, RSA has helped thousands of customers securely enable remote work, monitor for online fraud, and provide visibility across cloud environments and a growing number of endpoints. That’s always been our role – and our work may have mattered more this year than ever before. We’ve all had to make changes to adapt to this new world, and we’ll continue to do so. Many of our customers and partners will pursue their digital transformation agendas in a way that prioritizes what they do best. Organizations are adopting a “faster and fewer” model as they recommit to digital and focus on their core: do fewer things faster and on a digital basis. 

At RSA, we’ll do the same. We will operate with a “Day 1 mindset” rather than an incumbent mindset to innovate faster on your behalf. We will lean into our own digital transformation as we reemerge as an independent company. We organize ourselves into three business units that are laser-focused on the needs of Risk (RSA Archer), Security (RSA SecurIDRSA NetWitness, RSA Conference), and Fraud (RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence) teams. With this new structure, we’ll be even faster and agile in helping businesses manage and mitigate the challenges that come with the increasingly digital world.  

Risk, Security, and Fraud

Why are we emphasizing these three key business units? We believe that by targeting Risk, Security, and Fraud, our insights, solutions, services and support will provide the most value to our customers:


As organizations prepare for, withstand, and emerge from the economic downturn, risk assessments will become a critical element of any strategic plan or investment proposal. Organizations need to enhance their view of risk to the business to ensure resiliency and avoid costs associated with controls for non-critical operations. Further, expanding regulatory and compliance requirements will threaten the pace of transformation if they are not managed effectively.

RSA Archer Suite for Integrated Risk Management enables organizational visibility and governance of business processes that can better support business resiliency and continuity through transformation and dramatic disruption. We’ve been named a Leader in the last 22 Gartner MQs for GRC/IRM-related domains -- eGRC, Integrated Risk Management, IT Risk ManagementIT Vendor Risk Management, and Business Continuity Management Programs -- since we began participating in 2012. RSA Archer Suite unifies risk and compliance activities on a single platform to help establish accountability, encourage collaboration, improve visibility into analytics and bring efficiency to risk programs across the organization. We’ll build on those qualities to provide CROs the tools they need to comprehensively manage digital risk. 

Earlier this year, we introduced RSA Archer SaaS, which enables organizations to leverage the flexibility, availability and scalability of the cloud. Organizations can now quickly implement RSA Archer solutions and lower their total cost of ownership by removing operational burdens and expenditures for capital hardware and ongoing IT-related activities.


In a world of more remote work, organizations have growing dependence upon digital systems and cloud infrastructure. In this digitally connected world, vulnerabilities, threats and risks will now live in a cyber-physical form. 

Identity and access management sits at the intersection of the security challenges many organizations face today. RSA SecurID Suite remains the foremost leader in enabling businesses to accelerate their operations while mitigating identity risk and ensuring compliance. 

From ground to cloud, RSA SecurID Access recreates the workforce, enabling thousands of businesses globally to access their applications conveniently and securely, all while ensuring users are who they say they are. RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle simplifies governance of user access and automates the user provisioning lifecycle to deliver unmatched control, visibility and management capabilities.

As organizations settled into remote work environments, the risk landscape expanded, and security threats multiplied. The pandemic forced CISOs to stand up virtual SOCs and re-evaluate their technologies and solutions that help identify, manage and contain incidents to minimize disruption and impact. 

RSA NetWitness Platform is a market leader that provides pervasive visibility across the modern IT infrastructure, enabling better and faster detection of security incidents with full automation and orchestration capabilities to quickly investigate and respond. RSA NetWitness Platform reinforces enterprise security by taking it beyond SIEM, extending the traditional log-centric, compliance-focused approach to include state-of-the-art threat analytics, including UEBA and visibility into cloud, network and endpoints.

RSA Conference will continue bringing the world’s risk and cybersecurity communities together to learn, network, and confront new challenges. 


In the digital economy, trust is a valued currency. Trust is undermined when breaches and consumer fraud occur. However, with digital and contactless payments becoming the norm, and with today’s customers expecting frictionless and instantaneous approval, organizations have more fraud issues and even new regulatory standards to manage.

RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence provides companies with a portfolio of sophisticated fraud detection and prevention capabilities designed to protect consumers from financial fraud threats across digital and physical channels. RSA FraudAction offers attack takedown and cyber intelligence, providing organizations with complete coverage against phishing and Trojan attacks, rogue mobile apps and rogue social media pages. 

Sharper focus, faster responses, and faster innovation

Today is an important milestone – but it’s just the start of our new journey. An independent RSA will feature faster innovation cycles, even better experiences for our customers as we accelerate SaaS, and better collaboration with our ecosystem partners to reshape our industry. We will work harder than ever to earn and keep your trust. We aspire to be your resilience partner in an increasingly digital world where resilience is a critical business competency.

We are excited about today but even more excited about our future together!