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Open Letter to Customers and Partners

Sep 01, 2020 | by Rohit Ghai, CEO |
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Today, Symphony Technology Group (STG) completed its acquisition of RSA from Dell Technologies. As an independent company, we’re now one of the world’s largest pure-play cybersecurity and risk management organizations. 

At this important milestone in the iconic story of RSA, I felt it was most important to reach out to those whose success is the very reason we exist: our customers and partners. On behalf of team RSA, I want to thank you for placing your trust in us to help manage risk in the digital era.

When we announced this transaction in February, we were excited about our ability to wield the advantage of our independent configuration to innovate faster on your behalf. In the last seven months while we have prepared to do exactly that, the world around us has changed forever. The novel coronavirus pandemic has accelerated both digital transformation and digital risk. Organizations have rushed to enable their remote workers by rapidly deploying multi-factor authentication and enabling access, credentialing, and granting privileges. RSA has been honored to help front line workers maintain continuity of operations for critical infrastructure and services. Online fraud has risen dramatically. CISOs have had to stand up virtual SOCs to contain incidents and minimize disruption. As businesses have coped with disruption, they have realized that business resiliency is a critical business competency. Going forward, a much larger percent of the enterprise workforce will be remote, and the attack surface will reconfigure – smaller core, more cloud and a much larger edge.

At RSA, we have resolved to reimagine ourselves as we become an independent company in the post-COVID world. We will continue to provide market-leading solutions in the following three key business segments:

STG will help RSA unlock more value for you, our ecosystem and the industry in which we compete. Their experience with software investments and carve-outs will be invaluable in helping RSA develop an organization that’s optimized for our unique role: defining an industry.

Though today is an exciting milestone, a great deal is remaining the same. Our mission, purpose, and commitment to you remains in place, as does our go-to-market model. Most importantly, you should expect a seamless transaction, with no interruption in the same high-quality service that you are accustomed to from the RSA team.

We are thrilled to begin this next chapter and help with your resilience initiatives as you embark on your digital journey. We will operate not like an incumbent but with a startup mindset to continue to earn and keep your trust.

For more information, please read my blog post and the press release.