Securing the Digital World

Securing the New Digital Reality

May 05, 2020 | by Redvers Curry |

A new era of human experience is upon us. The current disruption has thrust us from a mere “digital transformation” through a radical exodus from corporate networks, into a new digital reality. Welcome to the connected world! Let me start by reassuring you that you are not alone. This journey is one that we are taking on together.

There are many questions about the disruption’s impact to business operations, the workforce and how to best move forward with strong security while maintaining security standards.

Let's cut through the noise and focus on the security aspects of your new digital transformation and explore some considerations to help you move through this journey with more confidence.

Securing Digital Transformation Starts with Identities

Remember, the goal of IT is to enable more transactions with more people for more profit; this is why we moved from brick-and-mortar businesses in the first digital transition. The job of security is to make this confidential, reliable and available. As businesses and consumers move through this digitally connected world, their identities will play a vital role in the quality of their experience. They want their identities to be known, remembered, and effortlessly adopted in every digital interaction, without fear of misuse, and it should work like magic.

Get Ready to Defend Against Misuse

The devil is in the details and not just at the perimeter. This means rolling the sleeves up and building agility into our processes, so we can adapt and respond even faster to threats. Reflecting the physical world, cybercrime is the new organized crime. Anti-fraud functions are a race: defenders must synthesize intelligence, learn, respond to and optimize the tradeoffs between business friction and fraud-related losses. There are many fraud and risk intelligence solutions that accelerate a business’s adaptability and optimize this trade off with clients who live in the very real, sink or swim online world of the quick and the dead. 

Empower the Men & Women on The Front Lines

Cyber conflict is asymmetric and unfair. Attackers and defenders have all the same tools, but the enemy is typically innovating faster. Both sides also have different goals, process different telemetry, and yet they dance with one another and affect one another constantly. To date, the advantage in asymmetry has favored the attacker: the attacker must only get it right once, while the defender has to play a perfect match. Doing this requires the right controls, the right data and the right data structures to empower the men and women on the front lines, starting with the network but moving on to endpoints, cloud and the rest of the IT stack. Look for solutions that reverse the unfairness, making the asymmetry favor the defenders while simultaneously minimizing business interruptions from security operations.

Talk to your Advisors, Partners and Solution Providers

Finally, you have many trusted relationships built up over time and now is the perfect opportunity to call on those businesses and partnerships for support and solutions as you face accelerate digital transformation head on. While it won’t be easy, there’s a lot to learn and we know there is much work to be done. With all the incredible advances in cloud computing, applications, bandwidth and the ubiquity of smart devices, we are in a good position to begin to take on the brave new connected world with excitement … together!