RSA Blog - May 2020

  • 5/27/2020 Time to Talk Governance: Managing Access in the New Workplace For organizations that have successfully achieved business continuity, rolling out a remote workforce, it’s now time to focus on governance. While the remote workforce is productive, identity management leaders may be struggling to gain full visibility across the explosion of devices and applications creating the challenge of distinguishing legitimate users from malicious ones.
  • 5/26/2020 There May Be Trouble Ahead As the risk landscape multiplies, proactive organizations will treat cybersecurity and fraud prevention as two sides of the same coin to best inform their threat intelligence.
  • 5/20/2020 Preparing for the Risk Challenges of an Uncertain Tomorrow Here are four risks organizations will likely face in the new normal.
  • 5/19/2020 Lay the Foundations of Digital Risk Management Digital transformation has blurred the boundary between cybersecurity and risk management. As companies’ security and risk functions break down silos to deal with today’s challenges, an integrated approach should emerge to deal with tomorrow’s emerging risks. Digital Risk Management must bring IT, Security and Risk teams together in a unified approach and address fundamental areas of digital risk.
  • 5/19/2020 Do You Know Where All Your Firewalls Are? As organizations get ready for their new normal, understanding the layout of the network is critical given the rapidly evolving needs of the business amid disruption.
  • 5/19/2020 Fraudsters Exploit Benefits Programs in New Round of Global Attacks Cybercriminals are exploiting benefits insurance programs when people are undergoing a historically vulnerable moment.
  • 5/17/2020 GRC and Security: Finding Balance in the New Normal The Securities and Exchange Commission recently issued guidance on how the pandemic might impact company filings of 10-Qs and Ks. What are some considerations and challenges related to this guidance?
  • 5/11/2020 Announcing the Launch of the RSA IoT Security Monitor The Internet of Things (IoT) is a key driver of digital transformation, but also introduces digital risks. RSA IoT Security Monitor offers a new, comprehensive approach to security across the range of IoT devices and software.
  • 5/11/2020 Digital Transformation: Innovation Amid Disruption Companies pursue digital initiatives to improve customer experiences, deliver new products and services and optimize operations, reduce costs and improve margins. Today’s disruption has accelerated the need for digital transformation to meet unprecedented business challenges.
  • 5/6/2020 Who is Responsible for Securing Telemedicine? There are areas of our lives and society that might not go back to exactly the way they were before the pandemic. Those could include working from home versus in an office. Retail will likely begin to transform digitally in ways not seen before. Corporate travel might decrease as more people work from home. I’m not sure how I feel about those changes, but one area I have embraced is telehealth or telemedicine.
  • 5/5/2020 Securing the New Digital Reality The current disruption is paving the way for a more digitally-enabled future. Learn what steps organizations should take to prepare their security and risk management strategies for this new reality.
  • 5/3/2020 New Healthcare Legislation: Striking a Balance Between Privacy and Convenience As the healthcare industry focuses on managing the current disruption, new interoperability guidance from the 21st Century Cures Act offers patients secure access and open exchange of health information via third-party applications.
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