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Helping you Adapt to the New Normal: RSA’s Commitment to Meet this Moment

Apr 22, 2020 | by Holly Rollo, CMO |

In the last few weeks, organizations large and small have been tested. We've seen an unprecedented surge as our customers look to us to help rapidly scale and protect large remote workforces and enable business resiliency as the attack surface quickly evolves.

Here are just a few of the remarkable stories we have seen unfold as our customers transition and navigate the new normal:

The pandemic has altered how we think about health and medicine, opening the doors to telehealth and allowing physicians to provide care across state borders. A large pediatric healthcare provider, offering care in children's hospitals and clinics across four large states, began temporary licensing and credentialing 1,500 physician across state lines to quickly support patients who otherwise may not have been able would to receive any medical care. With the help of RSA, this provider was able to streamline an otherwise cumbersome process of approvals from distributed Chief Medical Officers across states, develop proper reporting and comply with documentation requirements that were audit-ready post-pandemic. Leveraging Archer Integrated Risk Management Suite, this provider was able to get up and running in other states via telehealth using automation without having to spin up IT and developers to support the temporary licensing and credentialing.

State governments /content/rsadevcontinue be on the frontlines of the pandemic; their work is both critical and essential. RSA helped some of the hardest hit states rapidly deploy tens of thousands of SecurID Access/content/rsadev hardware and software authenticators to immediately enable emergency response staff,/content/rsadev essential services resources and healthcare workers to respond to the crisis while also honoring relevant regulations and data privacy requirements. As shelter in place orders went into effect, these organizations were able to also extend multi-factor authentication (MFA) to other remote state workers quickly and easily. RSA assisted state emergency response teams by quickly activating implementations to state government employees in bulk through SecurID Authentication Manager Bulk Actions.

As the impact of the pandemic spread across the U.S., a large health insurance provider /content/rsadevneeded to activate its business continuity plan in order to quickly make risk-based decisions across its IT, supply chain and workforce. With the help of Archer Integrated Risk Management Suite/content/rsadev, this customer was able to automate workflow and quickly analyze employee, process and risk data to execute its BCM plan, order necessary equipment and prioritize how and when to activate appropriate recovery strategies.

With a staff of nearly 2,000, a state department of corrections agency/content/rsadev needed to rapidly procure and deploy multi-factor authentication to help secure and continue operations. Working in partnership with the state agency, RSA delivered on the MFA requirements to activate a virtual workforce in just a matter of hours. With SecurID Access/content/rsadev, our customers can deploy a range of authentication methods including modern mobile multi-factor authenticators (for example, push notification, one-time password, SMS and biometrics) as well as traditional hard and soft tokens for secure access to all applications, whether they live on premises or in the cloud.

A large bank with more than 500 branches across 19 states needed to specifically understand critical dependencies that could impact their ability to serve their customers and employees during this crisis. With the help of Archer Integrated Risk Management Suite, this customer is now using assessment capabilities to extract and analyze critical information from their expansive network of third parties to understand what risks matter most and prioritize the right actions to drive the right business resiliency outcomes.

While disaster planning is typically baked into the DNA of electric and gas utility companies, it's unprecedented for them to deploy an immediate virtual/content/rsadev workforce. A large power company/content/rsadev needed to rapidly expand its number of remote users and field technicians. RSA immediately built emergency actions into SecurID Authentication Manager/content/rsadev that provided seamless support for this customer, helping them maintain a power grid that millions of customers rely on.

Many customers who rely on RSA to support their security operations have seen their extended IT environments turned inside-out as they scramble to enable necessary network, data and application access to their now remote and distributed workforces. A large global manufacturer/content/rsadev has been leveraging NetWitness Platform to provide visibility into this expanded attack surface, giving the team a solid grasp of their exposure and the tools needed to remediate any vulnerabilities. Many of these same customers are also looking to RSA to start the process of assessing the resulting new vulnerabilities.

RSA has always performed our best when our customers are facing their biggest challenges. For more than 30 years, we have helped the largest, most complex global enterprises and governments adapt to major disruptions and address digital risk – it's what we do. We will continue to meet the requirements of this moment –these are just a few ways we are helping organizations seamlessly adapt to change:

Almost as soon as the work from home orders were handed down, RSA jumped in the trenches and helped organizations everywhere stand up Secure Remote Workforces, providing a Free SecurID Access MFA offer to enable the rapid deployment of MFA for remote workforces. In the past 2 months, we have provided 25,000 tokens and over $600,000 in free software and services to organizations to support their remote workforces. We will continue until further notice. Learn more about RSA's Free SecurID Access MFA offer.

Through our SecurID Business Continuity Option, we have provided the ability for existing customers to rapidly extend existing licenses in bulk to speed the process. We are particularly proud of being able to provide state and local governments, many of whom have been the hardest hit, a more streamlined way to ramp their remote access capabilities.

Through our RSA Customer Fast Initiative, we are working in partnership with organizations to set up simplified procurement as well as shipping and payment terms that cut through red tape and enable organizations to efficiently achieve their business continuity goals. These organizations include some of the largest power companies, state agencies, police departments, cruise lines, banks, insurance companies, and oil and gas companies in the world. Our goal is to ensure both public and private sector organizations can meet their most urgent needs in the shortest time possible. Visit the RSA Remote Workforce Resource Center to get answers to important questions, learn more from the community and to check your order status.

Alongside some of the largest telecom and SI partners, RSA is working to address the expanding attack surface as we begin to address the second wave of risk through phishing and DDoS attacks. To protect against these schemes, we have expanded our RSA Incident Response Retainer Program for Remote Workforces and continue to ramp risk assessments and tabletop exercises to specifically address remote workforce risk. Take our Cyber Incident Risk Assessment and find out in just minutes how prepared you are to face the second wave of risk.

The RSA fraud intelligence team with be hosting a webinar to review new research outlining how fraudsters are using this global crisis to nefarious ends through consumer fraud, identity theft and social engineering. In response, we are offering special packages of our Fraud and Risk Intelligence FraudAction Services to customers who may see an incident surge in this unprecedented time. Learn more about how FraudAction can help you.

To fulfill immediate needs and address crisis response, RSA has announced a new partnership with Crowe LLP for a pandemic response use case. This partnership means customers can now integrate Archer SaaS to provide a joint SaaS offering for pandemic response to support Business Continuity Management. With this combined solution from Crowe and RSA, our customers can aggregate external data, including government mandates, closures, virus cases, and correlate it with an organization's internal data, such as employees, vendors, customers, products and facilities to identify, prioritize and take action on rapidly evolving business risks.

To better enable Security Operations teams to understand threats associated with the expanded attack surface brought about by quickly deploying remote workforces, RSA today announced the availability of NetWitness Orchestrator built on ThreatConnect for both cloud and on-premises deployments. This Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) solution is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our security team. Find out more about NetWitness Orchestrator and NetWitness Evolved SIEM.

RSA Conference (RSAC), was founded in the spirit of enabling the broader security community to collaborate and take a role in evolving global issues and policy. Today, we announced a curated, RSAC Web Resource Center to share relevant industry content to help organizations better educate and protect themselves and their employees from cyberthreats in this new world we live in. Topics range from securing a remote workforce (file sharing, VPN access, identity management., email security) to the latest malware attacks and phishing campaigns to ransomware. Through this virtual environment, RSAC will also host discussion groups, webcasts, podcasts and more to ensure the industry has a resource for the most up-to-date thinking on our rapidly evolving 'new normal.' Bookmark this page and check back often for new content

Across every sector, every enterprise size, and every region, we continue our commitment to helping customers and communities manage and adapt to these challenges and we are stepping up across all fronts to meet the moment as we all transition to a new normal. There is much work to do and we acknowledge there are many ways we can improve but it's important to know that through this surge, Team RSA has committed nights and weekends to get you through it over the last few weeks. We continue to be humbled by our role in the industry as helping to pave the way forward and create light in moments of darkness. Thank you for honoring us with your trust.

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