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RSA Innovates Cyber Skills Delivery in APJ

Mar 17, 2020 | by RSA |

Just a few short weeks ago, RSA President Rohit Ghai took to the RSA Conference 2020 keynote stage. Focusing on the conference theme – Human Element – he called out the need to Rethink Our Culture. This was a call to action for our industry to shift from a culture of elitism to a culture of inclusion in order to fill the ever-growing talent gap. RSA takes this call personally and seriously – doing as much to innovate the talent pool as we do our products.

One major initiative launched in 2014, was the first of its kind Academic Alliance Programme in Singapore. The Programme generated interest from higher learning institutions across the Asia Pacific region to develop a new generation of cybersecurity professionals to better assist people and organisations to mitigate against cyber threats and cyber fraud. In addition to collaborating with higher learning institutions, RSA recognizes the benefits of increasing cybersecurity awareness amongst younger students. Complementing the Singapore Cyber Security Agency and Ministry of Education’s efforts in educating primary school students on safe use of the Internet, RSA also runs the Cyber Safety for Kids Programme. Since its inception in 2016, more than 22,000 students have participated.

While “success” will come when the cybersecurity skills gap is no longer an issue facing our industry, we are encouraged by the programme’s evolution and recognition by others of the work we are doing.

In 2018, organized by the Association of Information Security Professionals (AiSP) and supported by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), RSA was the proud recipient of the first ever Cybersecurity Award for Enterprises. Winning the inaugural award galvanised the RSA team to do even more by taking a longer-term view to sustaining their efforts and contribution. Seeing their months of planning and efforts come to fruition, RSA was inspired to continue its leadership role which led to their second win of the Cybersecurity Award for Enterprises.  With this consecutive win, RSA’s efforts also raised the bar within the nation’s cyber ecosystem working with and through the institutions and public agencies. The awards recognise individuals and enterprises which have made significant contributions to Singapore’s cybersecurity ecosystem.

Following the AiSP/CSA recognition, the RSA Academic Alliance Programme then snagged the award under the Cyber Security Solutions category at the inaugural Malaysia International Business Awards, presented by Singapore Business Review. This award recognizes the most outstanding projects and innovative best practices amongst international companies in Malaysia.

In this time of disruption, continued investments in the human element of cybersecurity also contributes to business resiliency. Training more cybersecurity professionals allows for critical jobs to be filled that support a dynamic workforce option for many organizations as they look to make it possible for a growing remote workforce. Edward Lim, RSA Academic Alliance Programme Lead, explained that the programme helps plug the skill set gaps that the industry is seeing. “It's not just purely theory. It's not just purely academic in nature,” he explained, adding that 95% of students get hired within six months.

Despite disruptive times, RSA is committed to its Academic Alliance Programme, and charting safe passage for our customers. We are deeply honored to, once again, be recognized for our efforts by winning the 2019 Cybersecurity Award for Enterprises. It is evident that RSA plays a vital role in developing the country’s cybersecurity capabilities, awareness and talent among Singapore’s workforce.

We’ have made great progress in enabling our global community to thrive in an uncertain world and we look forward to continuing those efforts.

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