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Welcome to Digiville

Oct 20, 2019 | by Steve Schlarman |

Welcome to DIGIVILLE - Where data comes to feel safe.

Digiville is not some far off place, in a galaxy far, far away. It is a bustling metropolis near every one of us. You walk its streets every day. You are helping build your organization's own Digiville with emerging technologies - creating a digital landscape that optimizes existing internal processes or creates entirely new business models. And like all great cities, Digiville is home to many neighborhoods and districts. Let's get a lay of the land.


At the heart of Digiville is the downtown area - Data - where all the action takes place. Obviously, this area has a constantly growing population. Business today uses data to make decisions, build revenue streams, and change the world. It is the fuel for the digital transformation. Data flows into the Business Operations district which includes the key commercial centers where your business transforms this data into information, into profits. Digiville is powered by the Workforce, the blue-collar area. Even this hard working, industrious neighborhood is undergoing extensive renovation as citizens convert from a sedentary routine to a more dynamic, work anywhere, lifestyle. The fashionable Marketing borough has the reputation of being the 'fun part' of Digiville with its clever campaigns and viral video promotions but is a crucial ingredient to Digiville's growth.

The industrial part of Digiville is driven by several districts working together; providing the muscle to remain competitive and productive. Legacy IT has many large, expansive estates mingled with pockets of ultra-modern villas and up-and-coming housing projects. On the outskirts of the city is the Industrial IoT – affectionately called the 'OT'. This used to be a remote suburb, but there is a tremendous revival as connectivity to the urban centers have opened up. Bordered by the emerging, consumer-oriented district of IoT, this sector of Digiville offers a promising future. For those looking for an ultra-chic place to live, the DevOps district is a major revitalization project offering a vibrant atmosphere.

Now, this city isn't prosperous simply because of a data-fueled industrial complex. Every city must have its internal services to ensure people (or in this case data) operate in a secure environment. Responsible for the safety of data and Digivillians, the most famous area of the Security Operations ward is 'First Responder Row'. The Compliance district contains major government buildings, such as City Hall and the courthouse, providing the oversight and guidelines to maintain a civil, orderly city. Home to many of Digiville's internal city management services, the Risk Management zone includes the city planning and assessor offices.

Finally, all big cities have their major suburbs and Digiville is no exception. The Customers district includes the airport and transportation hubs to visit Digiville. The Partners is a key suburb of Digiville with many niche markets where specialty skills, products and services can be found. Last, but not least, the Regulators district is home to many foreign consulates who have a vested interest in Digiville's growing economy.

Oh, I almost forgot. There is one more area. I don't suggest spending time there, but you should know about it. An unfortunate result of Digiville's prosperity, the seedy Adversaries neighborhood is known for its rampant crime and disreputable businesses. You have heard of 'the wrong side of the tracks' – well, in Digiville this is the 'corrupted sector of the tracks...' (That's a hard drive joke for those geeks out there.)

The point in thinking of your digital strategy as a broad city is to illustrate how connected our digital world must be to truly prosper. We can see in our own communities how cities are ecosystems that thrive (and struggle) as one. Your organization – in the digital world – is no different. While in the past a risk might be localized, as your organization becomes a hyperconnected system of hyperconnected systems, the likelihood of a risk cascading across business lines is increasing exponentially. Thus, the metaphor of a bustling, growing, expanding city gives us a tangible perspective to consider when building risk and security strategies.

The neighborhoods of Digiville are just a start. In this blog series I explore Digiville and how risk management and security teams must think of connecting this vast metropolis with a well-planned, efficient transit system of digital risk management – the DRMTA.

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Follow this blog series to learn more about Digiville and the DRMTA. Check out the full graphic of Digiville and the Digital Risk Management Transit Map.

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