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Exploring Digiville with the DRMTA

Oct 23, 2019 | by Steve Schlarman |

Digital transformation changes how your organization competes and meets market demands. Without a comprehensive, integrated approach to risk management, your organization could be moving at warp speed into the digital journey without the proper controls. The digital journey has many drivers – process optimization, new revenue streams or business transformation - but managing risk and security challenges is not just along for the ride. Risk management is not a passenger on your digital transformation – it must be a driver, along with your strategic direction. The result is the need for a high-speed answer to help your business go places, quickly and securely.

The second part of the Digiville blog series introduces the city's innovative transportation solution. Getting around the sprawling metropolis of Digiville is easy with the state-of-the-art DRM Transit Authority (DRMTA). The DRMTA connects points across the city, making navigation convenient and efficient. You have heard the phrase, "you can't get there from here"? Well, the DRMTA motto is "We can get you there".


The DRMTA has four loops and six lines traversing the city with plenty of transfer stations connecting you with many flexible options as you enjoy this cutting-edge metropolitan wonder. Let's look at the loops first.

The Risk Loop is in the heart of the city. It passes through almost all the neighborhoods because everyone needs to be involved in some way to manage risk related to digital business. The Compliance Loop is similar but extends out to the Regulators. Closely related to both loops is the Controls Loop. Last, but not least, is the Digital Product Loop. There is even a DevOps Express Line with high-speed non-stop service for Agile travelers. These loops represent the key lifecycles within managing digital risk. Risk management, compliance, controls management and digital product management are ongoing processes fundamental to the identification, assessment and treatment of risk.

Next, the DRMTA has several lines that traverse the city.

The Customer Line connects Customers with the Business Operations and Marketing districts. The Cyber Line connects the Adversaries and Security Operations districts with endpoints in both Legacy IT and the Risk Management districts. The Partner Line traverses the city with numerous stops along the way. The Workforce Line connects the Workforce, Data and Partners districts. The Asset Line starts in Legacy IT and ends in Risk Management making stops along the way on each line to pick up transfers.

And finally, the IoT Line connects the IoT districts with the Digital Product Loop.

These Lines represent specific segments of your risk management program within your organization. Just like how you use a real transit system to take a line into the city and use the loops to get to other lines, you have individual processes to manage customer relationships, your partner ecosystem or your cybersecurity that must intersect with other parts of your overall digital risk strategy. Of course, there are stations along each route giving Digivillians many options to get on the DRMTA. We will explore some of the stations along these routes in a later blog.

Every transit system needs a central hub. The DRMTA has Grand Issues Station. This state-of-the-art facility is where most lines and loops pass through offering transfer services to manage issues identified through Digital Risk Management processes.

It's an impressive operation but it wasn't built overnight. Digiville is a constantly changing city. The city leaders knew they couldn't build stations and lay track without a plan. A lot of thinking went into this transit system. Managing risk in this digital world can't be a haphazard affair. Your organization becomes more complex by the day. There's more data, strewn about more locations, with more hands touching it, more eyes looking at it, and more people depending on it.

When I developed this concept, I wanted to show how connected managing risk in the digital world is. The DRMTA represents a broad system connecting key processes, sharing data, and delivering an integrated approach for business to rely on. In the metaphor of Digiville, each of these lines and loops intersect allowing Digivillians to get where they want to go. A risk management strategy for your business must be as integrated and efficient as a high-tech transit system. You can't have parts of your strategy restricted by 'we can't get there from here'.

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