RSA Blog - September 2019

  • 9/24/2019 Digital Risk: Don’t Believe the Myths Misconceptions Today’s organizations face a new litany of risks related to digital business. Defining ‘digital risk’ too narrowly leads to myths and misconceptions that may not truly reveal the impact of digital transformation to operational and strategic risk.
  • 9/18/2019 Ramnit Malware Makes a Return with New Tricks The developers of the Ramnit Trojan have continued to evolve its capabilities for nearly a decade. It has returned again with changes in functionality, targets and methods of distribution. Yet, Ramnit isn’t the only malware to evolve and adapt to exploit current trends.
  • 9/15/2019 Compliance and Digital Transformation: Imperatives to Modernize Compliance is more than abiding by laws and regulations. It is also about establishing policies and procedures to execute strategies and achieve objectives and fulfilling contractual obligations of customers and third parties. Digital Transformation can introduce new and different compliance obligations, and increase the time and costs dealing with it. Organizations need to look at compliance through the lens of risk management and apply appropriate procedures and digital technologies to manage compliance risk in the most efficient and effective means possible.
  • 9/10/2019 Experts Weigh In: The Digital Risk Challenges of a Smart City Driving towards Smart City innovation will disrupt the security of many countries. Industry experts weigh in on what challenges could be ahead and how to manage the potential digital risks.
  • 9/4/2019 A View into the Challenge of Digital Risk Today’s digital world is driving a shift in perceptions and practices in managing risk and security. The 2019 RSA® Digital Risk Report provides insights into the current state of digital risk, considerations for board discussions and industry perspectives.