The Secrets to Tackling Digital Risk

by Steve Schlarman

Jun 30, 2019

The Team Sport
Anyone who thinks success rests on the single shoulders of the star player is mistaken. The vision, drive, passion or fury to win may emanate from the one with the most goals, homeruns, running yards, or shots, but it is the hard work, dedication and talent of all the players that ultimately brings home the win.  It's true in business, too. 

In fact, business is the ultimate team sport. Getting a roster of a few dozen players to the championship is a considerable challenge. Rallying thousands of employees to execute a business strategy is a challenge of a different scale. Executing to seize opportunities in the digital world is a critical part of many of those strategies; opening avenues for growth and innovation in every direction. Want to intimately connect with your customers?  Target social media and digital marketing.  Want to improve margins and speed to market?  Digitize your supply chain. Want to reduce costs and increase productivity?  Let your employees work anywhere using the latest tech tools. To execute on any of these strategies requires collaboration across your organization – from marketing and sales to IT and operations.

A corresponding level of collaboration must also be performed by those functions chartered to help your business stay on course or avoid major obstacles in achieving your digital goals. Risk, compliance, security and IT teams are expected to protect the organization from harm by anticipating and preparing for negative events or barriers to success.  These functions fill critical roles when it comes to managing the new risks. Let's say the players on the field are your business; risk functions, like security and compliance, represent the trainers and support personnel enabling optimal performance and taking care of the bumps and bruises to get the players back in action.

Tackling Digital Risk
RSA hosted a series of webinars geared towards demystifying digital risk – a major concern for organizations.  While risk related to digital business isn't NEW, it is certainly DIFFERENT today. Between the high expectations on the return of investment and the speed, complexity and impact of digital operations, managing risk in the digital world is more difficult.

Our earlier webcasts promoted the concepts of managing digital risk and practices to bring together risk and security into a cohesive approach. Tackling digital risk requires inputs from multiple angles. One way to foster this collaboration is to get the conversation rolling around the major contributing factors that may affect your risk profile. To that end, RSA is pleased to announce a new tool to facilitate the discussion. The RSA® Digital Risk Index walks you through a series of questions designed to evaluate your organization against a variety of digital risk factors. Based on your answers, the tool calculates your organization's exposure and highlights specific focus areas where you can take immediate action. The intent of the assessment is to leverage the common denominators of digital risk to profile key risk areas and map to your current capabilities. More importantly, though, it helps formulate a discussion with your counterparts on what areas of digital risk are the most pressing.

I invite you to collaborate with your peers, take the assessment and start the conversation to tackle risk together.

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Join Tim Norris and me on July 11th for a webinar, the fourth in our C-Leader series on digital risk management, to find out how you can use the Digital Risk Index to spark actionable conversations and leverage best practices we've seen our customers use to bring risk and security teams together to tackle digital risk.

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Author: Steve Schlarman

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