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Perspectives: Turning Security and Risk Management Trends into Action

Jun 03, 2019 | by Tim Norris |

Digital transformation is bringing change to security and risk management at an unprecedented rate, making it nearly impossible to stay on top of new developments and their implications for digitally driven organizations. The Gartner’s report Top Security and Risk Management Trends1 highlights seven trends and offers recommendations on how security and risk management leaders can capitalize on them.

Over the next several weeks, RSA security and risk management experts will explore some of the top trends that Gartner has identified and share our perspective on how these trends impact organizations across several focus areas for digital risk management.

This blog series will provide RSA perspectives on:

The shift in security investments from threat prevention to advanced threat detection and response capabilities, and how it’s driving the need for closer collaboration between security operations and risk management teams to mitigate business risk

The trend toward outsourcing (especially in security operations), the increase in third-party risk that accompanies this trend, and the need to align risk appetite to business objectives and outcomes

The impact of a diverse, dynamic workforce on access and authentication, including the move toward expanding passwordless authentication as a way to achieve security and agility while protecting against access abuse

The goal in providing our perspective, including practical insights and relatable examples from our experience, is to help organizations tackling digital risk management understand how these trends can inform and positively impact their approach to managing digital risk.

1 Gartner Top Security and Risk Management Trends, Peter Firstbrook, Brian Reed, Sam Olyaei, Gorka Sadowski, David Mahdi, Prateek Bhajanka, Earl Perkins, Published 21 January 2019

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For more RSA perspectives on top trends in security and risk management, register for a webinar June 13, when Ben Desjardins, vice president of product marketing for RSA, and a panel of expert guests will present their perspectives on the Gartner Top Security and Risk Management Trends research note.

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