RSA Blog - February 2019

  • 2/27/2019 Fraudsters Bring Fresh Bait to Tax Phishing This Year The IRS reported a 60 percent increase in phishing scams in 2018 aimed at stealing money or sensitive data from taxpayers and businesses. Here’s what that portends for tax season this year.
  • 2/13/2019 The Anti-Fraud Resolution The start of the year brings many health-related resolutions. A balanced strategy in your personal health choices is the key to success with those resolutions. That same balanced perspective is at the forefront of conversations within the anti-fraud community – especially across omnichannel banking.
  • 2/12/2019 Cybercrime Results Are In and The Winner Is… If cybercrime were a legitimate business, it might be one stock market enthusiasts would consider investing in. Or at least that is what the data from 2018 indicates with growth in fraud attacks across every category. Learn how fraudsters are leveraging social media apps for cybercrime automation and get a complete snapshot of global fraud trends in the latest RSA® Quarterly Fraud Report.