RSA Blog - April 2018

  • 4/30/2018 The Dark Web Goes Social Due to the rise in popularity of newer social media outlets throughout the world, many fraudsters have expanded their activities to include multiple platforms. Gain insight on why social media has become so attractive to fraudsters and what types of information and tools are being sold and traded in these virtual storefronts.
  • 4/23/2018 Cybersecurity Silver Linings Cybersecurity must pay attention not just to the technology of defense, but the psychology of defense. The spirit of the defender matters as much as the shield she or he wields. For years we have motivated ourselves by the fear of what happens if we fail. Lets inspire ourselves with the glory of what we enable when we are successful.
  • 4/18/2018 Technology for GDPR Compliance: Turning Plans into Action There’s nothing as important to GDPR compliance as careful strategic planning and following a risk-based approach—except the technology that’s essential to turn plans into action. Here’s a look at the role played by three critical areas of IT working together to help meet the regulation’s many complex requirements.
  • 4/16/2018 "Pain and Progress" in Managing Digital Risk Recently, RSA® commissioned the Cybersecurity and Business Risk Survey, executed by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), to learn more about the challenges and priorities of IT security and business risk professionals. “Pain and Progress: The RSA Cybersecurity and Business Risk Study” provides a glimpse into the minds of security and risk leaders.
  • 4/12/2018 The Role of Identity in GDPR Compliance When people think of GDPR, they often think of the fines they may face for failing to put proper safeguards in place. In the rush to encrypt data and prepare for breaches, it’s easy to forget to protect the “front door” where users request access. With 81 percent of breaches leveraging compromised passwords, identity management can play a key role.
  • 4/10/2018 Here’s to FIDO Alliance: In Praise of Authentication Protocols How many types of authentication are enough? The simple answer is: as many as the organization needs to be sure users really are who they say they are. That’s what the relationship between RSA and the FIDO Alliance is all about.
  • 4/9/2018 Hey RSA Archer Summit fans – Pre-Summit Training Course(s) are Discounted! RSA Archer Summit and RSA University team up to offer pre-conference training opportunities. From the fundamentals to advanced workflow and navigation, the courses will increase your abilities using the RSA Archer® platform…and all at a discount if you sign up now.
  • 4/5/2018 How RSA’s Acquisition of Fortscale Acts as a Force Multiplier for the SOC and IAM Teams For years, the industry has thought of the SOC and IAM as separate teams and capabilities, but they’re really two sides of the same coin. RSA’s acquisition of Fortscale enables customers to leverage UEBA capabilities as a force multiplier for both disciplines.
  • 4/5/2018 Intelligent SOC Series: The Role of Your SOC in Managing Digital Risk No one inside your enterprise knows better than the analysts working inside your security operations center (SOC) the threats your organization faces. For this reason, your SOC is poised to serve as the cornerstone of your organization’s efforts to manage digital risk. Find out what it takes.
  • 4/2/2018 3D Secure 2.0: What the Protocol Means for Merchants 3D Secure 2.0 promises to eliminate many of the customer experience issues that plagued early implementations of the original protocol and deliver better fraud detection. However, many merchants are still hesitant to make the leap. Learn how 3D Secure 2.0 provides an opportunity for merchants and card issuers to combine their knowledge of customer behavior to reach better security decisions.
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