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Identity Brings Opportunity at the Gartner IAM Summit

Nov 27, 2017 | by Melanie Sommer |

The Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit kicks off this week in Las Vegas, calling on identity leaders to "Transform Operations to Opportunity" and challenging them to reimagine how to approach identity for digital age success. That's music to our ears at RSA, where we've been talking extensively with customers about reimagining identity over the past year. It's long been clear to us that as cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to radically redefine identity risk, reimagining identity is critical. We're excited to lead the conversation at the summit, especially about the latest identity and access management strategies, best practices, technology advances and the overall future of identity. We look forward to sharing our perspectives and hearing yours, starting with an area Gartner has identified as a "hot topic" for 2017: authentication.

Authentication: See a New Ecosystem Taking Shape in RSA Booth #501

The conference agenda highlights user authentication methods as one of this year's hot topics for the summit, and that should come as no surprise. With cloud and mobile apps blurring boundaries, organizations need more confidence than ever that people requesting access to resources really are who they claim to be. That requires strong authentication that's pervasive, connected and continuous—and that third-party application providers can leverage to deliver secure access to anyone, anywhere from any device. This is the thinking behind RSA's push to expand our technology ecosystem to transform authentication, and you'll see it in action at our booth on the show floor. We'll be demonstrating new solutions for seamless interoperability between RSA SecurID® Access and Microsoft Windows Hello, VMware Workspace ONE, Palo Alto Networks Next-Gen Firewall and CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution.

Don't Miss RSA's Jim Ducharme on Identity and Business-Driven Security

Identity has long been an important operational component of security, but its value today extends beyond helping organizations protect their assets to actually empowering them to operate a competitive, responsive, successful business. How does that work, exactly? Jim Ducharme, Vice President, Identity Products, explains it in his talk, "Incorporating Identity into a Business-Driven Security Strategy," on the Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit agenda November 28 at 10:45 a.m. He will discuss how connecting identity insights to business context can help organizations bolster cyber defense, control business risk and successfully pursue business opportunities.

Can't Be There? Read the Latest from RSA and Gartner about the Transformative Power of Identity

If you can't make it to the summit, you can still get some great guidance on how identity can help move organizations from risk to opportunity in a new RSA special report featuring Gartner content. You'll learn from RSA about managing identity and access in the cloud today, achieving successful identity assurance and overcoming identity risk in today's IT landscape. You'll also get Gartner's perspective on identity and access management and the digital ecosystem. We hope to see you at the summit—but if you don't make it, at least carve out some time to spend with The Transformative Power of Identity. They're both great ways to learn more from RSA and Gartner about the business opportunities that can come with a reimagined approach to identity today.