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Ready, Set, Authenticate: Why You Need RSA SecurID Access to Win the Race

Jun 28, 2017 | by Melanie Sommer |

There are times when trying to put together an effective authentication strategy feels like competing in track-and-field events. Business and IT are supposed to be on the same team, but far too often seem to be racing toward completely different goals. Sure, it's important to get to the finish line fast, but not at the risk of leaving the rest of the team behind. Maybe it's time to stop thinking of business and IT in either-or terms-and start thinking about how they can team up to win more.

End the Competition Between Business and IT

Business wants authentication that's quick and easy for users, to reach business goals faster; IT wants authentication that's safe and secure, to keep the business safe. And as long as that keeps putting them on two different tracks, neither is going to get very far. What's needed is a strategy to move forward both quickly and securely. RSA SecurID® Access delivers just that, with flexible authentication options that keep users happy, in a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution that keeps the business safe.

Don't Let Technology Handoffs Trip You Up

If you're like most organizations, you've got a ragtag team of identity and access management solutions that need to work together smoothly. But it seems like a minor miracle that they work together at all. You've got your on-premises two-factor authentication (2FA) solution-likely based on a hardware token-for employee access to your VPN and legacy apps. Then you've got SSO for simplified, quick user access to cloud-based applications and resources. There's probably a quick-and-dirty mobile push authentication solution for a few applications, and let's not forget software tokens for the remote or mobile workforce to connect to the VPN. Having all these islands of identity and miscellaneous authentication technologies handing off access at different points along the way challenges IT and frustrates users. What's missing-and what RSA SecurID Access provides-is a single view across all of these resources, and the ability to apply a unified access policy to them.

Stay Out of Your Own Way

When the business needs to deploy apps and open access to new users-and not just internal users, but also third parties like customers, partners and vendors-but IT needs to make sure security isn't compromised, it can make everybody feel like they're being held back. Ultimately, no one wins. That's why we designed RSA SecurID Access to clear the way for the business to move forward with confidence, using flexible authentication solutions that meet the needs of the users. RSA SecurID Access gives IT security teams plenty of visibility across all access paths. It dynamically assesses risk at the point of access request to effectively minimize risk while enabling access. To provide sure footing for users speeding toward their goals, RSA SecurID Access offers users plenty of flexible MFA options including mobile push authentication, biometric authentication, one-time password (OTP), SMS-based authentication, and hardware and software tokens. Whatever the users and IT security feels is best, it's available in any combination of authentication form factors. And with support for both on-premises and hybrid cloud environments, organizations enjoy the flexibility to move to the cloud at their own pace.

Get Your Authentication Strategy on the Right Track

With four out of five confirmed data breaches involving weak, default or stolen passwords, it's more important than ever to be sure you're running with the right authentication strategy. Download our infographic Is your authentication strategy on track?, which describes the authentication hurdles you'll run into with other solutions and how RSA SecurID Access can help you clear them.