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Protecting PingFederate Users with RSA SecurID Access

Jun 20, 2017 | by Tony Karam |

It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your users are? Believe it or not, there was once a time when this question was easy to answer. If "Steve" was logged into the corporate network, there was a very high-level of certainty you would find him sitting in his cube, on the 4th floor of building C - using his desktop computer that was tethered to the LAN via an Ethernet cable.

Fast forward thirty years. Today, the physical and logical boundaries that once defined our workspaces have all but vanished. We've certainly cut the cords that bound users to work in designated physical locations. We've even stopped requiring they only do work using IT sanctioned applications and on company-owned devices. Regardless of how you choose to define where this new perimeter starts and stops - one thing is for sure - the moment Steve touches it, you better be sure it's him.

With over 2.8 million apps, within Google Play alone, we're long past critical mass, and are at a point where there's virtually an app for everything (yes, pun intended). This is quickly becoming the case in the business world as well. The rise of software-as-a-service (SaaS) has wooed many an organization with the promise of much needed scalability, business agility and, in many cases, lower operating costs.

However, as applications "leave the building", IT is still on the hook for controlling who has access to what, and ensuring that it's actually Steve knocking on the door. Yet each of these thousands of applications requires their own access, creating islands of identity that become increasingly complex to manage-as users struggle to remember many usernames and passwords, while grappling with varying access policies and procedures - all while IT loses visibility into where in the world Steve is.

To combat this growing problem, many organizations are adopting PingFederate to provide user access to cloud and mobile applications, using a single identity from any device. With one "master key" to unlock all your applications, having a high-level of assurance that the user is who they say they are, is vital.

The Best Keeps Getting Better

RSA and PingFederate have collaborated to ensure the right people get access to the right information, from anywhere, on any device - at the highest security levels - all while ensuring a consumer-simple experience.

With a broad range of authentication options including push, biometric, voice, and more, and a groundbreaking tokenless authentication service, RSA SecurID® Access, the world's most widely-deployed multi-factor authentication solution, continues to deliver innovative capabilities to further our mission of providing users convenient and secure access to anything, on any device.

Assuring Digital Identities in a World Without Boundaries

For PingFederate customers looking to minimize identity risk and deliver convenient and secure access to their cloud and mobile applications, there is a need to provide continuous authentication to users that maintains seamless access. To address this growing need, Ping Identity has partnered with RSA to offer an RSA Ready certified solution leveraging RSA SecurID® Access to deliver a high-level of identity assurance with the consumer simple experience that users have come to expect. The solution enables PingFederate customers to ensure the right users access the right information across their suite of enterprise applications, regardless of the device they are using.

With the powerful combination of RSA SecurID Access and PingFederate, organizations can:

  • Deliver convenient and secure "front door" access to the entire PingFederate application catalog leveraging machine learning based risk assessments
  • Require step-up authentication based on user risk and application sensitivity to all corporate applications, or to individual applications containing confidential information
  • Choose from a full spectrum of multi-factor authentication options from mobile push notification to biometrics to support any of the diverse user and use case authentication challenges, across Android, iOS and Windows environments
  • Enable users to enjoy the full benefits of the digital workspace without having to compromise on security or convenience

How it Works

Ping SecurID June20

With 81% of hacking-related breaches leveraging stolen and/or weak passwords*, identity has become the most critical attack vector organizations face today. PingFederate and RSA SecurID Access work seamlessly together to provide a secure experience for accessing applications and data, giving end-users the freedom to work from anywhere, on any device.

Want to see this solution in action? Check out our latest video. Looking for more details? Read the solutions brief and discover how you can easily provide the right people access to the right information - at the highest security level - all while ensuring a consumer-simple experience.

If you're going to the Cloud Identity Summit (CIS) June 19-22 in Chicago, stop by the RSA barista booth, have a coffee and learn more about this and other modern multi-factor authentication solutions we're serving up for today's largest organizations. You can also find out which version of RSA SecurID Access is right for your environment.