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RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle: An Executive View from KuppingerCole

May 02, 2017 | by RSA |

When one of the leading independent analyst organizations in the identity space weighs in favorably on your approach to identity governance, that's news worth sharing. In the KuppingerCole Report "Executive View: RSA® Identity Governance and Lifecycle," analyst John Tolbert gets at the heart of RSA's belief in the effectiveness of an integrated, comprehensive, end-to-end approach: "RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle is a complete solution for managing digital identities, both inside and outside the enterprise. The RSA solution covers all aspects of governance from attestations to policy exceptions and identity lifecycle, from provisioning to entitlement assignment to access reconciliation to removal."

Tolbert evaluates RSA's approach in the context of the threat that's becoming all too familiar to organizations today: the use of compromised identity credentials as a primary attack vector. An attack may start with a simple account compromise or through an orphaned account, but then quickly escalate to the most prized credentials-those of privileged users. At RSA, we've long advocated for comprehensively viewing identity and compliance from not just the applications perspective, but also the privileged-user perspective, and our solution is one of the few to aggressively address both.

Highlights: Interoperability, Roles, and Data Governance

We're great believers in the power of integrated solutions, and Tolbert highlights the tight connection with RSA's full suite of security products as one of the strengths of RSA® Identity Governance and Lifecycle. Organizations facing heavy regulatory compliance obligations have realized significant benefits from combining it with RSA Archer® Suite, for example. We've also recently announced interoperability with CyberArk and Lieberman Software to provide a centralized platform for visibility and lifecycle management of privileged identities.

Another notable aspect of Tolbert's report is the focus on the importance of a mature role management capability. In today's growing entitlement landscape, RSA's ability to seamlessly model both business and technical roles is key to helping our customers better manage entitlements. Along with providing very mature role management capabilities, RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle helps mitigate access risks to unstructured data with our data access governance capabilities for file shares.

Keeping UX and Risk Analytics Front and Center

Long recognized for being scalable and easy to configure, RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle continues to benefit from RSA's investments in improving the user experience while expanding capabilities that deliver access assurance. We're going beyond basic provisioning and governance by applying risk-based analytics and business context to identity and access management to help you protect what matters most. Our risk-based approach helps IT better align to the business needs, while ensuring business agility and adoption.

With the latest release of RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle, customers can even more fully address identity-based risks and achieve continuous compliance, through enhancements that refine:

  • Continuous visibility, compliance and identity risk mitigation
  • Simplified user experience and improved business adoption
  • Agile administration and deployment

We're excited to continue investing in innovations that minimize risk while accelerating business for our customers. This KuppingerCole report supports our vision of helping customers reimagine their identity strategies for today's challenges, using an integrated, end-to-end approach to identity governance.

Download a complimentary copy of the KuppingerCole Report "Executive View: RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle." Then visit the RSA team at the KuppingerCole European Identity & Cloud Conference May 9-12 in Munich, and be sure to catch Stephen Mowll's presentation "IAM for Business Growth" May 10.