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Authentication Your Way: Have Your Security and Convenience, Too

May 09, 2017 | by Chris Wraight |

Your diverse, dynamic user base demands fast, convenient authentication and access-no matter where they are or what devices they are using. But you need authentication to be secure above all, with visibility across all applications and resources (cloud to ground),the assurance that your users are who they say they are and entitled to the access they demand.

Until now, you've had to choose between those two equally-urgent priorities: either sacrifice a measure of user convenience for security, or let convenience take precedence and put the organization at risk.

Today, RSA announced new features and enhancements for RSA SecurID® Access that turn this no-win situation into a win for everyone, by extending identity assurance to the cloud and providing more flexibility and options to offer authentication your way.

Offer users a range of authenticators - mix and match to meet your needs

Whether you need mobile two-factor authentication (2FA), mobile multi-factor authentication (MFA with push notifications, OTP, SMS), biometrics (fingerprint, eyeprint), FIDO, hard or soft tokens, or a combination of some, or all of the above-RSA SecurID Access is the answer.

Make security seamless for your users and stronger for compliance

With our newly-enhanced risk-based analytics to validate logins in real time based on a variety of contextual factors, such as role, location, IP address, device type, login time and others, you'll get the identity assurance not available from less advanced authentication solutions. The RSA approach to risk-aware authentication and identity assurance enhances both security and the user's experience, because it's only when the analytics indicate increased risk in real time that users are asked to step-up authentication.

Speed access to more of the applications users want

RSA SecurID Access delivers a frictionless user experience, with flexible authentication methods that quickly connect users with applications, including the SaaS apps they depend on most. It enforces access policies for more than 500 apps right out of the box, giving users ready access to the apps they rely on, from whatever devices they're using. Mobile authentication is also part of the experience, speeding onboarding so users can quickly and easily access everything they need to be productive.

Protect access for all your resources - from the ground to the cloud - it's your choice

You can use RSA SecurID Access to manage access to your on-premises, web-based and SaaS applications, and you can deploy it on-premises or as a service. Hybrid deployment is also an option if you're not ready to make the total transition from an on-premises deployment to authentication-as-a-service.

Do more with what you already have

If you're already using a version of RSA SecurID Access, the latest multi-factor authentication and risk-based analytics capabilities mean you'll get more than ever from that investment. If you're using RSA Authentication Manager, you'll find it easy to migrate users to mobile multi-factor authentication with one application. And you'll have the convenience of a single authentication provider meeting all your needs and a single solution for access to on-premises and cloud applications on all major mobile platforms. You can also keep your existing SSO platform in place, since RSA SecurID Access includes API support for third-party SSO providers. Or, you can just use the SSO that comes with RSA SecurID Access Enterprise and Premium Editions.

Ready to get authentication your way?

Use the RSA SecurID Access Product Selector and Pricing and Packaging Guide to see what RSA can do to meet your unique authentication requirements.