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The Next Generation in Consumer Authentication and Fraud Prevention

May 11, 2017 | by Mathew Long |

Fraud risk management has become a burden in recent years, and not just because the attackers have gotten better at their game. The tools and technologies used to detect and mitigate fraud events are better, but they are also plentiful. A recent RSA survey found that 57% of organizations use between 4 - 10 different tools within their anti-fraud operations. The resources required to manage and gain value from each of these independent tools is enormous, and most organizations are not equipped to make the investment. RSA® Adaptive Authentication v13 is trying to solve this problem for our customers.

In its latest Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection, Gartner noted that they see "enterprises implementing fraud hubs in order to integrate fraud detection events across a variety of channels."[1] This is what RSA has been working towards delivering with the RSA Eco System approach, now available for Adaptive Authentication v13 On-Premises customers.

With this latest release, organizations can now leverage custom facts from other anti-fraud tools within their environment, as well as business intelligence from other channels, to directly impact fraud risk scoring. For example, RSA research recently found that the average fraud rate associated with an account less than ten days old is nine times higher than an account that has been opened for more than 30 days. Many organizations collect this type of data fervently, and now with this latest release of Adaptive Authentication, they can leverage the value of this information to further enhance their fraud detection capabilities.

Most importantly, this is the first release of RSA Adaptive Authentication where the code base between our On-Premises and Cloud solutions converged. Why does this matter to our customers, both existing and new?

  • Greater efficiency in release cycles
  • Uniformity across customer support
  • Gone are the days of a 'first customer' trying a new on-premises release as there will already be customers using the same software in Adaptive Authentication Cloud

Finally, RSA Adaptive Authentication v13 offers transaction signing for Cloud customers (previously only available to those with an On-Premises deployment). RSA has been offering mobile channel protection for several years, and this latest addition now helps organizations, regardless of their deployment, the most choice in delivering full fraud protection to their customers across both the web and mobile channel.

RSA Adaptive Authentication v13 is just the beginning of a new generation in consumer authentication as RSA looks to help our customers along their journey to achieve a complete omni-channel fraud management strategy.

[1] Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection, 10 October 2016 - Jonathan Care, Avivah Litan, Tricia Phillips