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RSA SecurID Access Takes Top Honours at Computerworld Hong Kong Awards 2016

Jul 22, 2016 | by Nigel Ng |

Earlier this month, Computerworld Hong Kong recognised RSA's identity assurance solution line, as a winner in its Computerworld Hong Kong Awards 2016.

We're humbled to have received such a prestigious award for the second year in a row, and encouraged as we continue to see the industry's firm belief and support in our vision and strategy.

As part of the awards process, we spoke with Computerworld HK about the IAM industry, and where we see RSA and the rest of the industry headed. One of those was the future of RSA Via Access. Since those conversations, RSA Via Access has become RSA SecurID Access, and now provides even greater value by expanding capabilities to offer next-generation identity assurance.

RSA SecurID Access brings together the worlds of cloud and on-premise security. Customers will be able to leverage the existing ecosystem of 400+ certified integration solutions to provide the broadest support across both next generation cloud and tradition on-prem resources.

When it comes to the industry, we also talked to Computerworld HK about a quirk we're seeing: there are many vendors that play in either the Security as a Service (SaaS) or the on-premise space, but very few that deliver a across the entire stack: on premise, legacy, web and SaaS. This is an interesting space to watch because while SaaS adoption has accelerated, the unexpected reality is that most organisations still have a mix of authentication requirements as they are reluctant to let go of their legacy applications. As a result, many organisations actually require a security solution that operates across all levels of the stack. This has been one of the reasons RSA SecurID Access has been engineered to avoid these "islands of identity", and instead build bridges for authentication, regardless of their positioning in the stack.

As we continue to grow RSA SecurID Access, we look forward to addressing these security challenges.