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Dude, Where Is My Archer Summit?

Jul 13, 2016 | by Steve Schlarman |

We have all had that moment walking out of the shopping mall or the airport. Everyone knows the feeling when that rush of doubt takes hold of our brains. We stand frozen and frantically wait for our cerebral cortex to do its thing and pluck that single memory out of our vast network of synapses... "Where did I park my car?" I am pretty sure this momentary lapse of memory has something to do with the radiation levels of the lights in Exit signs. The frequency that I experience such occurrences couldn't be the result of distractions from the avalanche of my daily thoughts and surely has nothing to do with my age.

For those of you who have been seeing the communications about RSA Charge, I hope you have not suffered this same tinge of hesitation. Of course, I am referring to any questions as to the whereabouts the legendary RSA Archer Summit, the premier GRC event of the year. The Archer Summit is alive and waiting for you - parked in a well-lit, spacious place, protected and ready to go - at RSA Charge.

Last year, the Archer Summit was referred to by name and co-located with RSA Charge as the user event for all RSA products. This year, we have completed the transition and now refer to entire event as RSA Charge. RSA Charge harnesses the innovative power of thought-leaders, industry experts and the RSA community, providing you with insightful educational sessions, hands-on training, and valuable expert & peer networking opportunities.

In the tradition of the Archer Summit, we will have many customer led sessions highlighting the most innovative and forward thinking GRC programs. You will learn how to inspire your organization to own risk. We will discuss approaches, strategies and recommendations for building organizational capabilities that bring maturity to your overall risk and compliance program. Case studies ranging from how companies are approaching critical IT Security and IT Risk challenges to how Archer is used to transform compliance programs will give insight that can immediately be applied when you return to your desk after the conference. Technical presentations, labs and training will dig into the details for beginners and advanced administrators.

This year will be the 13th gathering of Archer customers. Every year the assembly has gotten bigger and better. With RSA Charge 2016, you will feel like you walked out to the parking lot and your 2003 Toyota Camry has transformed into a 2016 Tesla Model S.

RSA CHARGE 2016 will take place in New Orleans, LA, from October 25 - 27! I hope you will mark the date on your calendars and join me in beautiful New Orleans, to experience in-depth sessions, insightful conversations, interactive product experiences, and much more.