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RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance Named a 'Leader' in 2016 Forrester Wave: Identity Management and Governance Report

Jun 15, 2016 | by RSA |

RSA is happy to announce that RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance has been recognized as a 'Leader' in The Forrester Wave™: Identity Management and Governance Q2, 2016 report! (View and download the report here)

Forrester evaluated 9 of the most significant Identity Management and Governance providers across 17 criteria, and recognized RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance as a leader and noted that it differentiates its IMG strategy with "intriguing GRC integration" and the solution is "much less complex than other solutions evaluated in this Forrester Wave with simple, flexible, and intuitive user interfaces."

RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance was designed from the start to reduce implementation complexity and provide both Administrators and Line of Business users alike with empowering usability. We feel this is reflected in Forrester's evaluation and we are pleased to see that.

As noted by Forrester as a point of differentiation in RSA's IMG strategy, RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance integrates with RSA Archer's GRC platform. As 'identity' has emerged as a consequential attack vector, an organization's ability to manage access risk is paramount. Today, GRC and Identity Management platforms (and teams) are siloed, leading to missed opportunity for sharing data that could provide important discovery of previously unknown areas of access-based security and compliance risks. Together, RSA Archer and RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance drive contextual visibility and collaboration across the enterprise, allowing the business to holistically manage, track, mitigate and monitor the prized attack vector-identity.

Intelligence shared between RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance and RSA Archer delivers a more complete view of access risk across users, applications and entitlements. RSA Archer's powerful, algorithmic calculation capabilities enables comprehensive calculation of risk, including access as a risk vector. When integrated with RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance, this information can drive user access request approval workflows and frequency of certification reviews to better mitigate access risk.

For example, an HR application cataloged by RSA Archer as low risk and only subject to annual user certification may become reclassified as high risk after user access is extended out to a 3rd party HR outsourcer. This change in application risk status dynamically triggers in RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance additional access request approvals to the application. Further, this elevated application risk in RSA Archer can also be pushed to RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance to increase the frequency of access certification reviews to quarterly, as opposed to annually, ensuring that security and compliance controls are dynamically applied and enforced.

Armed with visibility from both GRC and Identity Management information in a single 'pane of glass', RSA's integration helps break down traditional barriers of communication and collaboration between GRC and IAM teams, helping the business make better informed, insight-driven security and compliance decisions that reduces risk, meets compliance and audit needs, and improves your overall security posture.

To learn more about other 'intriguing' points of integration between RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance and RSA Archer, give us a call-we look forward to sharing the full spectrum of insight-driven capabilities offered!