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Behind the Glass Walls of the Black Hat NOC 2016: RSA Takes the Challenge

Jun 28, 2016 | by RSA |

Every year, the increased sophistication of threat actors and the expanding attack surface makes it more challenging for the Black Hat NOC security teams to maintain a highly functional environment that is safe and secure but doesn't stifle productivity and learning. When you have an assembly of the best and most advanced security experts, hackers, and unfortunately a few of the malicious sort (I prefer the CISSP definition of a hacker), pushing the boundaries of security technologies is inevitable. You have to imagine that there is constant hacking activity, whether intentionally malicious or not, and the engineers - experts in their own right - have to maintain an unreal level of vigilance to protect users and businesses. With that extra vigilance, the Black Hat NOC team needs to be able to quickly gain insights into rapidly developing threats and have enough context to respond in minutes.

In order to accomplish this, the Black Hat NOC team, quite similar to any enterprise, requires the ability to:

  • Know that they have visibility across all systems in order to detect threats
  • Have confidence that they have the right understanding of the full scope of the threat
  • Achieve efficiency by quickly responding and taking action to minimize the impact

This year, the Black Hat NOC has selected RSA experts to participate using RSA's threat detection and response platform - the ultimate challenge to find the fastest path to eradicate threats regardless of the attack vector.

RSA's threat detection and response platform monitors the broadest set of attack vectors, enables more precise and complete detection, and provides the deepest understanding of each threat. It then applies the most advanced technology to analyze, prioritize, and investigate threats in a fraction of the time of other platforms.

At the end of the day, the real winners are the attendees, as the Black Hat NOC team can quickly respond to malicious or damaging activity, while preserving a safe and secure environment for open online communications.

Come to RSA's booth #1108 at Black Hat USA 2016 to see RSA's skill-enhancing tools in action, learn more about our solutions, and see why Black Hat uses us to protect one of the most difficult network environments in the world.