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RSA Security Analytics Adds Behavior Analytics Engine

Mar 02, 2016 | by Amy Blackshaw |

This week, RSA announced RSA Security Analytics 10.6 to help speed threat detection and response using real-time behavior analytics, enhanced detection capabilities for lateral movement and an on-demand enrichment service to provide context to speed investigations. RSA's focus remains on helping our customers to identify and remediate threats so that they can take action before threat actors cause business damage. This release is a huge win for our existing customers as well as the market at large.

Our new behavior analytics engine requires no advanced knowledge of specific attacks and does not rely on signatures, rules or complex tuning. It uses machine learning techniques to analyze and discover anomalies and make risk assessments based on probability. Security Analytics 10.6 and our new real-time behavior analytics engine together help security analysts identify high risk activities, speed the detection of threats, and focus their response.

RSA is also providing enhanced detection capabilities for lateral movement to find threat actors before they can gain foothold into privileged accounts within an organization's infrastructure. The attackers can try to hide, but RSA Security Analytics 10.6 speeds the ability to find them. In addition, investigations are now prioritized and enriched by fusing real-time incident and endpoint context into an investigative workflow to help guide analysts while hunting for anomalies or reacting to alerts, with the fastest query performance on the market.